Wednesday, October 10, 2012

VeganMOFO: Tacos and Tomatoes

Did you guys see Lazy Smurf's PSA regarding Burritos vs. Tacos? It's kind of the best. Taco taco taco.

This said taco has potatoes, black beans, cheddar Daiya, kale, onions, yellow squash, avocado, and the last of the summer tomatoes *sadface*  It had a whole lot of yum going on.


On the non-VeganMOFO-side of things, I'm prepping a massive shop update, most likely for the beginning of next week (but maybe sooner if the weather cooperates and gives me some good photo-taking-light!)  Super-excited to release everything. I made three calendars this year, so that means I've been sitting on 36 new illustrations. O_o  One is all-cats, one is all-dogs, and one is my normal illustrated calendar that I do every year. Yeah, I'm crazy. Anyways! Calendars and new illustrations to come!



  1. Yay, I'm super excited that it's calendar time! Your taco's look pretty damn great too, I feel ya on the sadness of summer tomatoes disappearing.

  2. I'm pulling my tomatoes this week. It sucks.

  3. Oh, I so don't want summer tomatoes to go! They're seriously one of the best parts of summer, and tomatoes any other time of the year simply can't compare. I can't wait to see your new stuff!

  4. Tacos are getting so much love lately!! Taco, taco, taco.

  5. Those tacos look beautiful!!!! I'm glad you liked the video :)

  6. I'm behind on my commenting, so... Green monster bread! I keep meaning to make it, and now that I know it turns out so well, I definitely will. Sweet potato gnocchi! You may have just given me a reason to buy that collection of cookbooks thanks you. And tacos! I personally am a burrito girl (grew up on 'em, what can I say?), but those look fabulous and fresh and just plain wonderful. Adorable tomatoes, which makes me feel a combination of glee and sad. And excitement for the calendars! This visit to your blog has me feeling all sorts of emotions!

  7. Michelle! Those toms look so sweet together and yes, I loved that burrito va taco post! Your tacos look delish!

    And 3 calendars??? How I am I suppose to choose between them?