Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't eat my friend

I adopted Luna from the Farm Sanctuary. She's so cute!! Someday I will make it there to visit all the animals and see this wonderful place, but for now, this is the least that I can do.

"In 1986, Farm Sanctuary began its annual Adopt-A-Turkey Project. This unique effort has saved thousands of turkeys from the slaughterhouse, and encouraged millions of people to be kind to animals. This Thanksgiving, hundreds of families are feeding turkeys, instead of eating them, by adopting feathered friends who live at Farm Sanctuary.

Special holiday celebrations are held at Farm Sanctuary’s shelters in Watkins Glen, NY, and Orland, CA, where turkeys are the guests of honor, not the main course. Farm Sanctuary staff and volunteers prepare a buffet of squash, cranberries, pumpkin pie, and other vegetarian treats, and the turkeys have the pleasure of stuffing themselves."


"Like all animals, turkeys experience pain and suffering, yet they are specifically excluded from state and federal animal protection laws. As a result, turkeys are subjected to intolerable cruelty at factory farms and slaughterhouses across the United States. But Farm Sanctuary is working to change the tragic status quo, and the Adopt-A-Turkey Project, which encourages people be part of a new holiday tradition, is a critical part of this effort."

Adopt a turkey

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