Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Pizza Time!

So, I attempted to make homemade Pita bread this past sunday, and while they came out quite yummy tasting, they weren't so functional in a pita-type way. They kinda half puffed up (some not at all) so they really couldn't be split in half, and they were on the smaller side, so folding was no good either. So pizza is was! I made some homemade olive hummus (mmmm, so tasty! ), using two cans of chickpeas, one can of black olives, a bunch of olive oil, one onion, and 2 cloves of garlic (salt and pepper to taste). I used the beanball recipe from Vcon, but subbed chickpeas for the kidney beans, lemon juice in place of the steak sauce, and used thyme, dill, and mint for the spices. They made some yummy falafel-like balls of yum. I used the pan-fry method. This was a really fresh tasting pizza and my mouth was dancing from the mix of flavors. Woo!

I had all these leftover pitas (recipe made 12!), so I decided to make a more traditional pizza the next day. I made a pesto with some broccoli rabe I had frozen from one of my CSA pickups a month or so ago, and I made the Cashew Ricotta (which I am madly in love with!), from VCon. Peppers and Shiitake mushrooms on one pizza, and leftover beanballs and peppers on the other. Yum! These made really good pizza crusts and I will probably try this mini-pizza thing again, as I liked making a few varieties. It also reminded me of those personal pan pizzas that I used to get from Pizza Hut, when I was younger, for "Book-it" or "Books across America," or whatever that was called. I wish I could still read for pizza!! I wonder if they still do that.


  1. i was JUST thinking about book-it the other day. did you have one of those giant buttons to put on your backpack that was a hologram with the book opening and closing? yes! i used to LOVE personal pan pizzas from book-it! and as a huge nerd, i ate a lot of them, haha... your pizzas look wonderful, by the way. perfect use for silly pitas that won't puff. my pitas never puff up either... i wonder what we're doing wrong?

  2. These pita pizzas look fantastic! I love the thick crust and those colourful toppings.
    P.S. Someone sent me a card that was made by you. It's beautiful.

  3. allularpunk: Yeah! Those buttons! I forgot about those! Man, what a great way to make kids read. I wish I knew how to puff my pitas. :(

    Mihl: Thanks!! I saw my card on your blog the other day. Yaay, I'm glad you like it!

  4. I totally also did the pizza hut bookit thing as well, and I also had the purple hologram button! and your pizzas look great as well!