Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh weekend: I love you

I took a Letterpress class last sunday at The Arm, a letterpress studio near me. So much fun!! We got to spend the majority of the classtime working on the presses and I have some cool things to show for it. I'm working on some pieces that I want to print of my own on the presses. I think I am going to have some of my artwork engraved on a copperplate and then print from those. I'm still deciding how best to do it, I guess. I can't wait to do some new bookmark/business cards too on one of the smaller presses. Also, typesetting takes FOREVER! Ha. Here are some things I printed:

I scored a super-cheap loaf of Kalamata Olive Bread at the closing of the farmer's market after work yesterday, so I made some grilled cheese and fakin' bacon (leftover from quesadillas earlier in the week) out of it. SO GOOD. I let the FYH Cheddar get all melty by putting the burner on super-low and covering the pan. I had a healthy smoothie with it, to counter the greasiness of the sandwich.

I haven't had eggplant in awhile, and I was craving some sort of eggplant parm action. I salted my eggplant slices and let them sit to sweat out the water for a good 25 minutes. This makes them tastier, not chewy, and able to absorb more flavors. If you can wring them out with your hand without it breaking in half, they are salted and sweated to perfection. I breaded them with a flour/panko/italian spices mixture and panfried them in some olive oil. The sauce! I threw a can of fire-roasted tomatoes, a can of cannellini beans, and 4-5 cloves (what!) of garlic, and some basil/thyme/parsley/pepper in the vitamix and it made a damn tasty sauce. I sauteed some red onions and threw them in when heating the sauce. Hello yummers.

I tried making sushi the other night, using quinoa instead of rice. I'm always trying to eat more quinoa, but the boyfriend hates it, so I made separate sushi for me. It was a little messy and didn't hold together as well as rice, but it worked well enough and was yummy! I marinated some tofu in tamari sauce, garlic, and some lemon juice. Filled sushi with the tofu, red onions, and avocado.


  1. awesome letterpressing! i love the bulbous ones :) also, your grilled sammich has just inspired me to make my own lunch w/some FYH. 'cept i probably won't couteract any of the greasiness with anything healthy, teehee... your eggplant parm look amazing! i've never perfected cooking with eggplant, but i'll have to try that 'sweating it out' for a really long time. and, as always, i am jealous of your vitamix!

    p.s. mmmmsushi!

  2. I think using quinoa in sushi is a really creative idea! I'm intrigued because The Husband and I are taking a sushi-rolling class in a couple weeks. I'm so excited!

    That class sounds like it was fun. I really enjoy looking at your art. :)

  3. Now I have the painting the roses red song in my head!

    Also, quinoa sushi is a brilliant idea, it looks delicious!