Friday, April 10, 2009

Been away; Away so long.

Hello! Well gosh I haven't updated this in awhile. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately with a whole bunch of things going on, and it has just been a week (month?) of just trying to lay low. To minimize the stress or something; I'm not sure. I do that when I'm stressed, just hide out.

I do have some good news though. I was accepted into the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this year! I was a bit stunned that I got in actually, as competition is notoriously stiff for this craft fair. Anyways, SUPER AWESOME! Plus, it's like five blocks from my apartment, in McCarren Park, so I don't have to go far (or bother with getting a car service or something to lug all my stuff)! I'm a little intimidated, as it is a 2-day outdoor event (June 6 + 7th), which I've never done before. I've seen the masses that have attended though (I'm among them)! Scaaaaary! Haha, no it will be good. Bust Craftacular, a few years ago, was pretty crazy too, and I think I have a better grasp of how much I need to prepare. Woo!

I have FOUR DAYS OFF this weekend! I had today off for Good Friday, and I took Monday off for a mental health day (I really like these). Nik is taking me to Candle 79 for dinner tomorrow! It's a bit of an early b-day celebration for me (I turn 29 on monday, eep!!) I really can't believe I have lived in NYC for five years now and never been. I even have their cookbook! I'm pretty sure I'm required to try the Seitan Piccata, as that is always the first recommendation anyone gives that has been there. Monday, I have to go try my luck at the DMV renewing my license, spend a gift cert. at Macy's, and check out the Jenny Holzer Exhibit at the Whitney.

I did my taxes today and they just about made my head explode.

Two new cookbooks came for me this week, Wild Fermentation, and The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. Really excited about both of them! Especially the Fermentation one for all the veggies I'll get in my CSA this summer!

Okay, enough babble and more food!

Caesar Salad, from Vcon, with garlic croutons. This was an amazing dressing, and I had the leftovers in a salad wrap the next day. I needed a new dressing too, as I always make either a basic olive oil/apple cider vinegar/thyme/salt/pepper dressing or a creamy ranch. Ohh, I did make another new dressing this week (but no picture). I just mixed some veganaise with yummy salsa for a simple southwestern style salad. Yum! I actually ate salad for most of the week, with various toppings (tofu, tempeh, leftover veggie burger, SPROUTS!) and veggies. It's the springtime. I was excited to see more greens at the farmer's market today. I'm waiting for the asparagus!

I made yummy veggie burgers this week, using the basic chickpea cutlets recipe from Vcon, but with cattle beans, and added veggies and spices. Sauteed swiss chard and a pickle!

I did this cuckoo clock painting earlier this week, but forgot to post it! Nik's dad got him a cuckoo clock for this past x-mas, and it is so great! I thought all the cuckoos would drive me nuts (it goes off every half hour), but I don't even really notice it anyore, and I still get a kick out of the little bird that comes out. It's in our kitchen, so it keeps me company when I'm making dinner, haha. Prints are available in the shop!

And an in-progress Mister Fox to wish you a happy friday!


  1. I love that vegan ceasar, it's the only salad my boyfriend actually likes. And Wild Fermentation is a great cookbook.

  2. It's my brother's bday today too, happy birthday!
    I need to come eat your meals, they always look so yummyyy and good for you.
    We did the CSA lastyear, but didnt sign up this year. We tended to let a lot of the veggies sit in the fridge and say we were going to use them but theyd go bad ; ( I cant wait till I can have a garden & grow my own

  3. congrats on getting in to the craft fair! lovely new paintings as well :) do let me know how mediterranean vegan kitchen is...i've been thinking about getting it, but haven't made up my mind yet!