Monday, April 13, 2009

Vegan Cadbury Creme Eggs! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yeaaahhh! I used Bryanna Clark Grogan's recipe and they were PERFECT! Anyone who knows me well, knows my love for these seasonal sugar-overloads and can understand how upset I am that they aren't vegan. I meant to make these last year, but never got around to it and now that I have made them and know how easy it is, LOOK OUT! Seriously, they're super-easy, just with a lot of waiting time in between steps. No prob. I made the centers saturday morning, chilling them in the fridge for a few hours before forming them into balls (that flattened pretty quickly) and let them sit overnight. I put two coats of chocolate on them, and they are super-deluxe. The easiest way I could figure out, dipping them in the melted chocolate, was to just drop it it in the pot and turn it around with a fork, and scoop it out with a fork. I can see some caramel eggs in my future...

I made a homemade greek platter last night, with VWAV falafel (a dill sauce made with veganaise on top), hummus that turned out a bit thick, whole wheat pitas (they puffed ! ) and a yummy salad with mustard greens, lots of sprouts, and parsnips with a ginger-thyme vinaigrette.

Look! Puffs! I have no idea what the secret is. It just happens sometimes, and I can never get a whole batch to all puff. I think maybe rolling out with the rolling pin helps? Maybe? No clue. I have tried different recipes, and haven't found any sure winners or losers.

Lasaaaaaaagna! I made the Cashew ricotta from VCon, but used walnuts instead.

I've had a fab day off today. I went and renewed my license (oh woo), spent a gift certificate at Macy's (got a new cast iron grill pan and a BUNDT pan!), and painted for a bit in the park. I bought some supplies today for a fun new project that I'm excited for. Hopefully will be able to put together by next weekend. Yaay spring inspiration! Hope everyone's long weekend was rockin'!


  1. i was going to make those vegan cadbury eggs but totally forgot! they are the ultimate in my favorite not-at-all-vegan candy. this was my first ever easter without them... still, i guess it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be easter for me to make them, say, any day of the month/year/week. so many other lovely yummies as well! glad to hear about your puffy pitas...that's something i still have yet to master.

    hey, happy birthday.

  2. I cannot believe that someone veganized those! I used to go to CVS after easter and stock up on all the reduced priced ones... and gorge!

    Those turned out amazing!

  3. Cadbury Creme Eggs veganised, amazing!

  4. I made vegan cadbury creme eggs for Eater, too, and I think they were even better than the real thing, and so did my dad! Oh and that greek platter looks amazing!

  5. I am amazed and super impressed that someone actually veganized Cadbury Creme eggs. They look even better than the real thing because the filling isn't so runny.