Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fiddleheads and Ramps and Enchiladas.

Made enchiladas on Cinco de Mayo! Filled with white beans and spinach, salsa, tomato-esque spicy sauce, and a so-so cheezy sauce concocted last minute. Topped with guac! Even better the next day for lunch.

I was SO EXCITED to find both fiddleheads and ramps at the farmer's market this past wednesday. I sauteed them both in some olive oil, salt/pepper (the whole raw fiddleheads=stomach ouch thing that I've read about didn't appeal to me, so I cooked them for at least 15 minutes. Good news is that they stayed crunchy (kinda like asparagus), so it didn't even matter. I was worried about limp fiddleheads (try saying that outloud)! After sauteing for awhile, I added come capers, spinach, olive oil, white wine, and lemon juice, before pouring it over the whole wheat pasta. Super-yummy! I love a good wine sauce and don't have them often, so it's usually a treat. Verdict on fiddleheads: Tasty, but not super-worth going out of your way for. I'd rather hoard the spring asparagus, personally. I put raw ramps in my salad tonight and it made a world of difference from cooking them. Super-garlic/onion breath! So strong!


  1. That Enchilada looks super yummy!
    I'd never heard of fiddleheads and ramps before so I googled them. The fiddleheads look familiar but we call them something different across the pond....I can't for the life of me remember what though!!

  2. Mmm the enchilada looks gooood and I have never tried fiddleheads, I don't know if you can even get them here!