Monday, August 3, 2009

I love Sundays

Sundays are great; I have all day to make time-consuming things even though I have other non-cooking things that need to get done. Ha! I have been wanting to make the pierogies, from Vegan Brunch, for awhile now, and I had a cherry pie tester recipe for Jae Steele that I need to make pronto before all the cherries disappear. So I literally spent all day in the kitchen. Ha, I only got grumpy when I had to do my second sinkful of dishes.

Check out these gigunda blackberries I got from my CSA on saturday!

Mushroom Sauerkraut and Potato Pierogies, from Vegan Brunch. I really loved the Mushroom ones! And it makes soooo many! We fried them up, even though Isa says not to.

Cherry Pie tester for Jae Steele Really, really yummy, and I can't wait to have another slice tonight.

Unfortunately, I had to have a root canal saturday afternoon, so I had to be REALLY careful eating these yummy things. No fun! I have to go for part 2 on wednesday. I've never even had a cavity before, so this was super-scary. Wisdom teeth are next. Dunh dunh dun dun!

Tonight I have to work on a freelance project and finish up two more paintings. See, I have this series I am working on, that has about 20-25 paintings, and I'm still undecided if I'm going put them up in my etsy shop all together, or as I finish them. We'll see how I feel about them all laying around once I get further into the series. It's super-fun though, and my 2010 calendar will contain some of these images. I need to work faster!


  1. -Those blackberries are absurd!

    -We love pierogies. But we're lazy, and luckily we live so close to Greenpoint, land of the Polish, that there are multitudes of coincidentally vegan ones hanging out in our grocery. Hooray!

    -Cherry pie - awesome.

    -I know what you mean about the series of paintings, though I haven't painted in about a year.

    -I've been thinking about making a calendar! Do you make them every year?

  2. YERM those blackberries look awesome! And I love pierogies... fried is just better, sorry!

  3. Melissa: I live in Greenpoint too! We're neighbors! We should meet up some time, for yummy food or something. I'm usually really late making a calendar, but I resolve to be early this year!

  4. those pierogies are drool worthy. Mmmmm

  5. What incredible, juicy berries! Now, if you could just sneak some of those into that gorgeous pie, then we'd be talking. ;)