Sunday, August 16, 2009

Long weekend and lazy Sunday

Hello! I had an awesome long weekend with my Mom here visiting. We did tons and tons of walking and saw some cool/crazy stuff. I think I tired her out! :)

I dropped my Mom off at the train station this morning and had a lazy Sunday after I got home. Made brunch, took a little nap (which I never, ever, ever do!!), painted all afternoon and evening, and had a super-awesome salad loaded with stuff for dinner.

Blueberry pancakes that I made for Mom Saturday morning. We even had fresh cantaloupe from my CSA that I picked up that morning. So juicy!

I made this tofu omelet this morning for brunch, with an olive tapenade and sauteed veggies inside.

Loaded salad for dinner! This hit the spot in a mega way. And btw, fresh corn off the cob on a salad is my favorite thing lately. Yum! And I could eat those little golden cherry tomatoes like candy.

Some work in progress from painting today. I moved into the kitchen to be by the window and my sleeping kitty! And yes, he sleeps on a pizza box that we don't have the heart to throw away. He's on it 24/7!


  1. I love the fat little birds in your sketchbook! And that's too funny about your cat. Cats do love boxes.

  2. great stuff in your sketch book. and i'm totally drooling over that tofu omelet. I have to try and make one, one of these days.