Friday, August 6, 2010


Happy Friday!  I've had travel on the brain lately, so I was looking back over some sketches that I did while I was in Peru. Trying to "recapture the moment" or something like that!  I was inspired a whole lot there by all the bright colors and fun patterns, and it got me thinking about other inspiring places that I would want to visit in the future.

I'm all about going to India, and their BEAUTIFUL spice markets. I don't even care what the spices are, they are just so pretty to look at!

(image from Matthieu Photography
Brazil's Carnival is a must-go trip someday. Check out this craaaaazy float from from the School of Samba!
(image from here)

And I think Tokyo is probably the next big trip that I want to take in the next few years. Bring on the sensory overload!
(image from starrex on flickr)
Where do you want to go?? Show me pictures!

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