Friday, June 24, 2011

Shop Update!

Hey friends! So I've finally gotten around to adding all the new stuff that I have made over the last few months into my Etsy shop. (I feel so slow sometimes, but yet I feel like I'm working so hard?!)  Anyways, there are 8 new illustrations, that you have seen peeks of, that have been made into cards, rings, necklaces, hair pins, and wing pins! I'm pretty psyched about them.  I've been wearing a little bear ring around 'cause I think he might be my fave!  I created a whole new accessory section of my shop, and these are all meant to be limited edition, so when they are gone, they are gone!

Have a happy friday and a super-great weekend!  I went on a creative field trip the other day, and I'll share with you some photos and sketches from it next week. Woo!

(Yes, I do crack myself up...HA)


  1. Love love love!! Once we have mail service back here in Canada (damn strike!) I will be ordering something. But how to decide?

  2. omg theyre so adorable!!1 love your illo ;DD

    did you study illustration?? :)

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Sydney: Yes, I did!