Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Governors Island Pop-up Shop!

So I promised some photos of the Governors Island pop-up shop that I'm participating in a week or so ago. I've talked about my love for Governors Island here before, and that definitely hasn't changed. It is a magical place, a 2-minute ferry ride from the bottom of Manhattan, and a quiet place to get away from the city. I love a quick getaway! In fact, I'm probably going to go there this coming weekend, if the weather cooperates, for a picnic and a proper wandering around. When I took these photos, I quickly popped into the shop, and then didn't get out of a chair for the next four hours because I was painting little kid's (and big kids!) faces. It was lots of fun, but a lot of work! I didn't even get a chance to snap any photos of that, because there were too many cupcakes, butterflies, batmans, and flowers to be drawn. 

But the Better Than Jam pop-up shop! I think it looks better than ever, and I'm super-happy to be a part of it. If you are in the NYC-area this summer, you should make the trek to the Island. You can catch the ferry down near the Staten Island ferry (it's the older, prettier building to the left of the Staten Island ferry glass building behemoth). The shop will be open until Labor Day!

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