Friday, June 29, 2012

Renegade Brooklyn Recap!

I realize that it has been practically a whole week since Renegade Brooklyn, but I've been SUPER-lazy this week, just recovering and putting my apartment back together (as it tends to unravel a bit everytime I do a big craft fair.) I had a super-great weekend, even though the sun knocked my socks off and drained me pretty hard. I actually did better money-wise this year compared to last year, so yay new location and new stuff?! I'm pretty psyched on how my display came out this year. I think the added darker wood pieces go great with my usual hot pink, and it made everything just come together a lot nicer than previous displays. Still want to improve some things though, but that's always the case (and should always be the case, imo!)

I had awesome booth-mates this year, Mr. Sogs Handmade Creatures, who made some pretty darn cute little plush dudes. We had lots of fun and our stuff went together so well (so many people thought that we were one big shop!)

I managed to make a quick loop around the rest of the fair on Sunday afternoon, while Nik manned my booth for me, and I made one purchase. This doughnut mug from DanMade is pretty much the best thing ever. I bought an owl mug from him a few years ago and it has been my absolute favorite mug so I didn't think twice about purchasing one of his new designs. Seriously, it's a super-sturdy mug (it has a handle in the back that you can't see in the photo) and is the best for a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

Other faves from the weekend include: (my neighbor and mega-awesome screenprints. I wanted them all basically.) (purrrdy embroidery) (rad linoleum block illustrations)

Next big fair is Renegade Chicago on Sept. 8/9th...


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  1. I always love seeing pictures of your stall, so much cuteness all in one place!