Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Cards!

Holy crap! Thanksgiving is next week here! And with that, the holiday season starts, whether we like it or not. I try not to think about xmas or the new year until at LEAST after Thanksgiving, but I know lots of people that are early-birds, so I've been rolling out all the holiday stuff in my shop. I have six new holiday cards this year, and I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with them. I have a few options to purchase bulk cards in the shop also, if you are sending them out to multiple friends/family.

Okay, let's get this Monday started!

p.s. I will be having a special sale on Thanksgiving, so make sure you are signed up for my mailing list so you are in the know!


  1. They're SO CUTE! If we didn't already have cards I'd have to get some. Ours have the kiddo's face on them :D

  2. Totally in love with the penguins!