Thursday, March 7, 2013

066: Dalmatian

So I didn't want to do too many different breeds of domestic dogs or cats in this 365 project, mainly because I just illustrated a whole bunch last year for my dog and cat calendars that I made and I draw cats all the time, but there will be a few that sneak in.  Like Dalmatians.  I'm very much NOT a dog-person (cats forever!), and I think I have only really warmed up to dogs since living in NYC, from seeing them walking around everywhere or playing in dog-runs. Dalmatians are pretty cute. Probably one of my favorite breeds of dogs (Huskys are the prettiest and will make an appearance here at some point...)

365 Days of Animals
066: Dalmatian

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  1. I think I've only met one dalmatian in real life, and she was a super sweetie pie! So sad that they have so many health issues from inbreeding and overbreeding by people. :(