Monday, March 11, 2013

070: Cicada

I read this article earlier, about how the cicadas are coming to the East coast this Spring and I immediately had to draw a cicada. They totally freak me out. That noise! The shedding of their skin! The millions of them at once! Ah!

365 Days of Animals
070: Cicada

p.s. I'm mesmerized by this .gif of a cicada shedding its skin:


  1. Camping in Greece and Spain during the height of summer the sound was almost deafening once the sun warmed them up. And those little cicada shells are everywhere. Lots of little holes in the ground and they jumped/flew from their perch at the last minute when you walked by like a grass hopper. They kinda freaked me out too hehe.

    1. Aahhhh! Camping in Greece and Spain sounds absolutely amazing, but oh man.

  2. Oh, man, that gif is crazy! Love those beautiful green wings, though!!