Thursday, June 6, 2013

Homemade Pasta!

Nik and I received a KitchenAid Stand Mixer with the pasta-making attachments as a very super-generous wedding gift (I do have some posts about my wedding last month coming up in the next week or so! Waiting for official photos!)  recently, so you can imagine my excitement to dig in and play around with them. I went simple for the first time, using Vegan Dad's recipe for homemade pasta, and it worked wonderfully. Seriously, this was so easy. I thought it would be this time-consuming thing that should only be reserved for Sunday dinners or special occasions, but no, this was way easy. I took my time and it was still under 45 minutes, prolly half hour now that I know what I'm doing. Woo! I don't have a pasta drying rack, so I just laid them out on a tea towel and that worked fine. So pretty! I made a simple lemon-garlic-butter sauce and lightly sautéed some asparagus and scallions to mix in. Delicious.

I can't wait to try some flavored pastas, like spinach or sun-dried tomato. And lasagna!

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  1. So pretty and Congratulations on your wedding!