Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This weekend was a doozy in terms of heat and sun, but Nik and I were determined to not hibernate in the we took the longest walk ever instead!  Saturday was my 10-year anniversary of living in NYC. Like, WHOA. Ten years ago I moved here with a car-load of my things. I was dropped off in the deep Polish section of Greenpoint, Brooklyn to sublet a room with an acquaintance of mine, whom I barely knew.  No job, not much money in my bank account, no friends here, and absolutely no clue how to get around in NYC by myself. My new roommate went on a month-long work trip to China two days after I arrived, so I was completely and utterly alone in this foreign city. I took small walks around the neighborhood, learning my way around, and worked my way up to trying out the bus and the subway to explore different parts. I would camp out in coffee shops in Greenpoint and Williamsburg during the day, sketching and dreaming and scouring Craigslist for jobs.  I found a job finally, when I had $50 to my name, and it was the start of a long journey to where I am now. This neighborhood and the city has changed so much over the last decade, and has shaped who I am and what I do today. I don't know how much longer I will stay here, probably not that long at all, but I have been making it a point lately to try to enjoy it as much as possible in the now. Brooklyn love!

Thus, a very long walk! 7 miles according to my Moves app on my phone! These photos are taken from Manhattan, on the eastern park, looking out under the Williamsburg Bridge towards Brooklyn.

Bad instax snapshot. We are hot and sweaty, lovely!

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