Sunday, February 3, 2008

Update Shmupdate

First off, I'm in love with Joanna Newsom and want to run off into the woods to frolic among magical creatures with her. I went to see her this past friday night at BAM and was feeling rather smitten when I left. She played with a full orchestra for the first half of the show and then with a small band the second half. Her and her harp and her warbles make quite a friday night. She played my favorite song too. And that dress! ah! she had a fancy long black dress for the first half of the show. So pretty!

I've been doing a couple of custom orders this past week:

I had a "derrrr" moment earlier this week, looking for cupcake paper in the stores. I couldn't find any and was starting to get a little sad that I wouldn't be able to fulfill an order, when I realized that I MAKE PRINTS FOR A LIVING. Yeah. Not my most shining moment. So I made a cupcake print and all is right in the world of cupcakes and recipe boxes.


I'm currently working on a group of paintings. Should have prints of them in the next few days. Also, i'm super-excited about GLOW-IN-THE-DARK sculpey!! Hello ghosts.

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