Sunday, January 27, 2008

suicidal raindrop diorama

It's grisly, I know. I've been interested in making a diorama for a long time now and i finally tinkered around with it. I looked into just buying a shadow box or some other sort of box-like container to house it, but dammit, they are just too expensive. I attempted to make my own, but it turned out a bit shoddy in construction. I'll measure better and use a right angle next time. better wood too. Nonetheless, I had fun making this. the poor little raindrops are made out of polymer clay, with a shiny wet-looking gloss on them. acrylic painted raindrops on the pretty paper covering the box.

more dioramas are in my future.

Oh! You might notice the lil' Etsy widget on the side of this blog. I finally put up stuff in my store. I'm going to be making a bunch of prints and screenprints to put up sometime in the near future.

my zoetrope etsy shop

I've also joined Ravelry and once I get over my initial overwhelmed feeling with it, i think i'll be pretty happy. I've been into making Amigurami toys lately. I found cuuuuuuuute Amigurami birds on ravelry that i wanna make.


  1. Hi,

    I love your illustrations!!The rain drops are fab love the little flattened one. So cute! Checked out you etsy shop, great stuff!! I faved you xo claire :D

  2. Thank you!

    your marmite toast cracks me up superhard. :)