Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Shop Item!

Cupcake planters!! I'm really excited about these and have plans for other types of food-themed planters for spring. BROCCOLI is next! Cupcakes are up in my shop!


Some food from the past week or so!

Brunch this morning was pancakes with a strawberry-orange sauce and walnuts. Sweets for breakfast is the best.

I finally got Yellow Rose Recipes, and made the Sloppy Joannas the other night. I added Corn to mine, 'cause that's how I roll. Also, there is a dispute on how to eat these! I think they are called "sloppy" for a reason and are meant to be smothered and eaten with a fork, while other seem to be silly and think it is an ACTUAL sandwich. crazies!

I also made the Baked Samosas with Mint-cilantro chutney from YRR. I don't like mint all that much, so i modified the chutney a bit with spinach in place of fresh mint and just added a smidge of dried mint. These were yum and well-worth my fight with the phyllo dough. Oh, I also didn't add spinach to the filling like the recipe called for, but broccoli and corn instead.

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  1. yowzer! the cupcake planter is simply adorable!