Monday, March 31, 2008

psychedelic cupcake relief

I've been mildly obsessed with making dioramas for the last few months, but it has been a slow pace, trying to find the right materials to create them. This one is almost done now; I just have to paint the back (or cover it with fabric? not sure yet...) and it should be good. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It took forever to find the kind of shadowbox that I was looking for, and I actually just ended up turning around the wooden boards they sell at the art store around and pretending it was a shadowbox. Regular shadowboxes in the frame departments are expensive! I was originally going to paint it with acrylics, but I always feel I get way more detail and interesting texture with watercolor. And besides, it's a technicolor cupcake relief scene! Poor 'lil panda doesn't know what hit him! I wish cupcakes really did fall from the sky attached to pretty balloons. Another material issue I had, was what to hang the balloons with. I didn't like the way the knot looked when just string was used, so I ended up going to the jewelry stores near my work and finding some silver chains and jump rings to attach everything. I love that you can find anything ever in Manhattan. Yay convenience. So far so good! My next diorama has a bit more things hanging, so we'll see. This is about 6"x6" and the painting does go around the sides and top/bottom, but I neglected to take a picture of that part.

Dr. Sketchy's was this past Saturday. The theme was "all the colors of the rainbow," and while the model had some kick-ass costumes, I wasn't all that into her. She wouldn't stay still! So anyways, this was my favorite from the session:

Nik and I shared a GIGUNDA fruit bowl last weekend while watching a pretty anime. We almost finished it, but not quite. The rest was used in smoothies the next morning, alongside some awesome waffles.

There were actually farmers at the farmer's market near my apartment on saturday, so I bought fruits and veggies until my bag was full. Farmer's markets get me so excited; I swear, they are the happiest places on earth. I met my farmer that I will be getting my CSA from this year. I cannot WAIT until it starts!

Anyways, the point of me bringing up the farmer's market was this kick-ass black olive bread that I bought there. I couldn't even wait to get home before I started gnawing on it. I made some open (and closed) faced sammiches with some yummy marinated tofu and fresh spinach. Carrot sticks and some crispin apples on the side. Yummy lunch!

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