Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Paulina and the Poppies

Dear Paulina,
I saw you yesterday and you were wearing that red dress that reminds me of poppies on a summer day.
your secret admirer

new painting!
watercolor on heavily textured/gessoed wood.

Prints are available in the shop.

I like how this came out. Poppies are such pretty flowers. I used to call my Grandfather, "Poppy." No, not Papi, Poppy. My whole family did also, and they spelled it that way too. Ahhh, mixed up Italians. :) Also, and I know this is random, but I didn't know what the heck a garbanzo bean was until I was well into my teens. They were always "Cici beans" to me. Or, as I referred to them, "slimy butt cheeks." This wasn't that random; I used to be the salad girl in my family's restaurant, and my Poppy would always be watching over me to make sure I wasn't too generous with the veggies (and cici beans) on the salads. He was pretty great and I miss him a whole lot.

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  1. hee, my italian roommate told me about the Cici bean thing. but I like 'slimy butt cheeks' XD

    beautiful painting!!