Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ballad of a Comeback Kid

Super-garlicky Fettucini alfredo! it has lots of garlic and tofu and soy milk and some flour and some more garlic in it.
I eyed the rhubarb at the farmer's market this past saturday and couldn't resist getting some to make a pie with. This has strawberry, mango, and rhubarb in the filling. I used the recipe from VWAV (with mango instead of peach). I think that I might be weird in that I like my pie super-cold better than warmed up. Or maybe it's just the awesomeness of chilly strawberries that does me in.

Dinner tonight involved using up leftover food that needed to be used. Sauteed leeks and spring garlic with chickpeas in balsamic and fresh thyme (with a sprinkle of sugar). Served over mixed greens and raw apples and carrots. Much yummier than I expected! I think it was the apple/balsamic combo.


I have a new planter to add to the family. It's a secret for now!

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