Sunday, May 11, 2008

What else can I put Teese on?!?!

I bought some Teese at Food Fight Grocery Store while I was in Portland, OR, and I have been DYING to use it. So basically, it's all I've eaten in the last few day (save for a lovely dinner out last night at Lodge in Brooklyn). Verdict: Teese rocks! I made pizza the other night and little pizza purses tonight and both were mighty fine. The melting part was pretty exciting, since it's pretty hard to get a melty vegan cheese. And it tasted good too! Even Nik liked it! I have a little bit leftover and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. People have been making cheese sticks with them and I think that might be a good idea...

Pizza with ramps, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, Teese. Before and after oven shots.

Flaky Pizza Purses, from Vegan Yum Yum. She used Sheese though (which I also want to try!). These were soo tasty. And despite them being kinda fancy looking, they were super-easy to make and I devoured them. Mmmm to steamed asparagus also. I love Asparagus season!


Dr. Sketchy's was yesterday and Amber Ray and MuffinHead were the models, in a Harem theme. I thought I was drawing more of Muffinhead, but in the end I somehow had more drawings of Amber Ray. Both of their costumes were absolutely amazing. And I was pretty much obsessed with both of their eye makeup and spent all of the 1-minute and 2-minute poses focusing on it. Here is a 5-minute sketch and a 20 minute sketch (color added later). Her breasts look a little high in the second one, but I remember thinking the corset was doing a lot of work while I was drawing her, so maybe they aren't. I love Dr. Sketchy.

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  1. Im staching this painting for my art gallery!
    Please email me back with your full name for credit

    Amber Ray