Sunday, May 18, 2008

weekend baking

I've been listening to The Cure now for three days straight and it's not getting old. Ahhh Mint Car. Soo Good! These are chocolate-chip cure cookies, because I says so. (okay, they're really Garrick's thin bakery style cookies, from Don't Eat off the Sidewalk, YUM!)They were perfect. It was raining out and I was all emo from endless Cure songs. Sigh.

and then I made some berry-almond-quinoa muffins today. I bastardized the Ginger-raisin bran muffins from VWAV and just used a trail mix I had that had a ton o way too sugary on their own dried berries and almonds. I replaced the bran with quinoa flakes. perfect!

Dinner tonight was Black-eyed pea and Quinoa croquettes with Mushroom sauce. Also from VWAV.

I have six mini-paintings drying right now and waiting for me to put the finishing gouache touches on them. They will be scanned and printed this week! I'm getting a new scanner at work on wednesday and I'm pretty excited about that. Woo!

I also have a mini mushroom and cupcake planter army started. I'll be selling my stuff at Artist's and Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on June 14th and 15th. come by if you are on your way to Renegade (also the same weekend at the nearby McCarren Pool!!)!

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