Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Miles! (and nation)

Happy Birthday today to Miles!! He turns SIX. Aww, my little boy is growing up! *sniff* And his claws come out when he's happy (I'm petting him while taking the picture). Cuuuuute.

Gallery-hopping yesterday was awesome. Super-humid outside, but I walked over to Chelsea after work and went straight to the Philip Pearlstein exhibit to be blown away, just the way I had anticipated. I popped in a few more galleries that caught my eye walking by and happened upon some other awesome works. Scott King had some fluorescent printed posters and wall paintings in the Bortolami gallery on W. 25th st., called "The Trial Continues." I inconspicuously tried to snap a few photos. Ha, I was aiming while not looking, as the room is small and the people working there were eyeing me.

I happened upon a group show that had this painting (painted on a plastic fence! with some super-plastic-like paint) that I really was taken by. I thought I grabbed a flier with the artist's name on it, but I didn't. d'oh.

Buckminster Fuller exhibit! It was geo-tastic!

I curated another treasury yesterday for the Vegan Etsy team that I belong to. Check it out here for the next few days (and this image here for posterity).

Happy 4th everyone. I have a bowl of cherries and pancakes and my doodles to work on all day. I love holidays! I might or might not watch the Macy's display tonight. Rain looks imminent anyways...

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! Those cherries look delish! :)