Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh today, how I love you so

I have a crazy new series I'm in the process of sketching out right now and I thought I'd offer a few sneak peeks. I'm going to try a different process this time and fully ink out my sketches and possibly digitally color them up, before I make a bigger and brighter painting out of them. I usually just do a small not-so-detailed sketch and then transform it. I'm excited to have the whole long holiday weekend to go sit in coffee shops and work on these. Speaking of coffee shops, last night I went to this new place that replaced my all-time favorite. It made me pretty sad over how much they had changed the place (and most definitely NOT for the better.) It is now this sterile and uncomfortable room with a bare garden area, whereas it used to be one of the comfiest places with it's clutter and randomness and lush garden. So, so sad. I love my neighborhood dearly, but seriously, why do all my favorite places have to bite the dust? Anyways, they make some good iced tea at least (tropicalia!), and once I put my headphones on and concentrate on my work, I usually drown my environment out anyways.

So yeah, those sneak-peeks:

I get out of work early today, at 2pm! I'm gonna go see one of my FAVORITE artist's exhibit afterwards. Philip Pearlstein has a "then and now" exhibit of his work from the 1960's spanning all the way up to the present. I'm so excited! His paintings are quite awe-inspiring in print, not to mention in person. Here is an example, now picture it HUGE. Also, the detail is 10,000,000x insane in real life.

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