Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Food catch-up

This has been a not-so-creative week food-wise over here. I'm so over eating roots and soup and other warm comforts and am rawring for the fresh salads and fruits and steamed veggies. Also, I have had a massive craving for some sorbet and some sort of lemon bundt cake. Mmm. Perhaps this weekend or later on the week!

I made those mock chickn wings, from the asian store, this week. I kept it simple, with a homemade concocted bbq sauce, and some slaw in an olive oil/apple cider vinegar/thyme dressing. You'll see a lot of slaw in this post, as I have 2 heads of cabbage to use up!

I thought I'd try out that sweet potato pizza pie crust that has been making it's way around the blogosphere and the PPK. I didn't plan real well toppings-wise, and had a last minute decision to make the spicy tempeh and broccoli rabe (from Veganomicon, minus the rotini) to go on it. Toppings were lovely, but the crust was meehhh. Wouldn't make it again. I guess I was expecting more of a sweet potato taste, but it just tasted like super-grainy whole wheat crust, that was a little sweet. Kinda dry and hard too, especially around the edges. I'm trying to make myself eat less white flour and more whole, but I think I just can't go all out healthy for pizza. :)

Crash hot potatoes, from VeganYumYum! Yeaaah! So yummy and simple. I admit that I didn't think these were going to be any big deal, but they ended up super-tasty. Nik was raving over them too.

This is the BBQ Pork, from the Asian market, with more bbq sauce (can you tell that I really want it to be warm and sunny out?), and more slaw. Bonus pickle! Ahh summer.

Nik cooked up the dumplings we bought a few weeks ago! I was amazed! He even didn't spice them up as much as he wanted to, for my wimpy taste buds. Yay boyfriends in the kitchen!

This was for Nik: grilled avocado and FYH cheese on sourdough bread. Side salad w/ ranch dressing. I just had a mega salad and a slice of bread with avocado slices and was lovin' it.

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  1. how did i miss this post? you have so much yumminess here! i love the idea of putting that tempeh and broccoli rabe on the pizza. what a cool idea to use the main components of a specific dish you like for toppings! sorry the crust was meh... it does sound like a good idea in theory though, huh? i want that grilled avocado/fyh sammich SO bad... and all of it, really! i'm hungry for lunch, can you tell? haha...