Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello Spring, Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine
Watercolor, dyes, pen/ink on watercolor paper

Hello Spring
Watercolor, dyes, pen/ink on watercolor paper

Two new prints in the shop! I can't take this "hinting at spring" thing that's going on. I put my winter coat in the closet, and dammit, I'm not bringing it out again (of course, this means that I'm freezing walking to work in the mornings in my spring coat).



  1. I love both of the new prints, the colours are lovely!

    And here it's autumn so the mornings are chilly but then by lunch it's sunny and warm, it makes it hard to get dressed in the morning!

  2. i LOVE them! and yep...i was cold walking to work in just a thin sweater this morning. this silly spring has been so fickle.

  3. I really like both of those!

    I'm with you on NOT taking my winter coat back out. I am more than ready for spring!