Saturday, March 7, 2009

Unicorn Love

Happy weekend everyone! I've been into mythical creatures lately and have doodling them a lot in preparation for a new series. Googling unicorns brings up some pretty cheese-a-rific results. Here's a doodle I did last night, while watching The Sandlot on tv (foreeeevvvverrrrrr).

A treasury I made the other day made the front page of Etsy tonight! Hooray! A couple things sold from it too, so yaay to everyone featured in it. I totally covet everything in it.

I made some veggie sushi the other night: Spicy tempeh rolls and avocado/turnip rolls. Yum! Hadn't had it in such a long time either.

And ohh, Katie's DEOTS Tempeh Wingz; How I love you. Ate this with some yummers homemade potato soup too. I finally made some broth from all the frozen veggie skins I've been accumulating in the freezer too. I cooked half of it down and put them into ice cube trays. We'll see how that works, a la bouillon cubes.

Nik worked late last night, so I made a healthy bowl of awesome, that he prolly wouldn't have been into. Brown rice plus raw turnips, avocado, red cabbage, and some local walnuts. Dash of shoyu, tablespoon or so of white miso, drizzle of olive oil, and some salt/pepper. Totally awesome healthy bowl.


  1. Who doesn't love unicorns! I think they are amazing and I love your doodle. Your Sushi looks damn good too.

  2. Your sushi and tempeh wingz both look scrumptious!