Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some tempeh lovin'

I made the Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes, from Vegan Brunch, the other night and oh my goodness I think I have a new fave to add into my regular recipes. Hell yes.

Tonight I had a rockin' summer-type dinner with sweet potato fries, steamed zucchini, and a tempeh salad sammich on some homemade rosemary foccacia (recipe from Veganomicon). For the tempeh salad, I steamed it with some water and a dash of shoyu and then mixed it with a couple spoonfuls of veganaise, some garlic scapes, a small red onion, and some salt/pepper when it was cooled. Yummers!

I went to Boneshakers tonight for some tea and quality doodling time and they had vegan ROCKY ROAD COOKIES. I was still full from dinner, but I HAD to have one. So gooooood. I now know what I am making with that Angel Food marshmallow kit I have in my cupboard.


  1. I've heard great tings about those Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes, yours looks deee-lish.

  2. I love those chesapeake tempeh cakes! They're the best. And that tempeh salad looks fantastic.

  3. ok, I'm officially starving now! :O)
    it all looks quite delicious!