Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super-nice Boyfriend

Nik had the day off the other day, and stopped off at the Grand Central Food Market Terminal to buy some amaaaaaazing chocolates for me. He's the best! He got a dark chocolate-almond bark and dark chocolate covered marzipan. I can't even describe how absolutely DELICIOUS this was. Yaay to nice boyfriends! :)

I was putting together some ornaments the other night and where there is ribbon involved, Miles is too. Seriously, the minute I bring out the ribbon, he shows up right next to me to "help out." Cutie-pants!

Happy sunday folks!


  1. aw! super bfs, cute cats, violently green marzipan and yummy chocolates! you have the good life!

  2. Totally awesome boyfriend! Okay, I LOVE your drawings, so why didn't I link you on my blog?! Silly me. It's been done now.