Monday, January 3, 2011

Doodles: Today will be Awesome

I'm all gung-ho on this new year goals and resolutions stuff!  One thing I want to do this year is concentrate on my sketches a lot more, exploring things like type, figure drawing,  and from-life drawing.  Basically, things that I used to draw a whole lot, but haven't in the past couple years!

I had a pretty low-key new year's eve this year.  Nik and I went for take-out at a new mac 'n cheese place near us (they have vegan and gluten-free options! I had mac with cheddar Daiya, spinach, and mushrooms, and it was cheesetastic.), and watched movies all night. There was a bad movie (Antichrist) and a this-is-so-amazing-go-watch-it-now movie (The Fall.) This was the first weekend we've been able to stay home and have no commitments since November, so I was pretty excited to just do NOTHING.

How was your weekend??

So anyways, hello Monday, I hope you will be awesome!

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  1. Happy New Year Michelle - hope 2011 is amazing for you and all the people you care about.