Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homemade Rhubarb Jam

A few weeks ago, I found myself with an abundance of Rhubarb and ordinarily I would whip up a strawberry-rhubarb pie, but I was low on the strawberry end. So! To the internet I went in search of some rhubarb recipes!  Jam was logical, so I went with it and my oh my, is it delicious! I had a few stray strawberries laying around, so I threw them into this recipe that I found, but otherwise didn't change anything.  I really loved the fresh orange juice and zest in it and it made for a nice tart jam that was super-yummy on toast (or to even sneak a spoonful of...)

Ahh, summer! :)


  1. Amazing, I'd love to try making my own jam one day & rhubarb's my favourite.

  2. It's so easy, you should try it!

  3. I LOVE rhubarb, and started a website devoted ONLY and entirel to rhubarb!

    I've included 100's or rhubarb recipes, info. on growing rhubarb, rhubarb nutrition and more!

    Next time you get rhubarb, try a new recipe from my collection!

    Regards from Canada!