Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Staying cool

Beach time!  Nik and I combatted the horrible heat wave last Thursday by packing up and heading out to  Far Rockaway, to the beach.  The weather was a million times more tolerable out there, and downright lovely, if I might say.  100 degrees F in the city that day, but it was a breezy day at the beach with the perfect water temperature and some killer waves.  We spent the day jumping in the waves, soaking up some Vitamin D, and eating ice cream and chips/guac from the boardwalk (Babycakes has a pop-up bakery there for the summer, with lots of ice cream, brownie ice cream sandwiches (!!), doughnuts, and cupcakes! Exciting!)  We're already plotting when we can go's fun that we can both take off work during the week so we don't have to fight the crowds that flock to the beach on the weekends. 

It's the dog days of summer, am I right?  Stay cool!

Vegan Chocolate ice cream, from Babycakes! 

Chips and guacamole 
Waiting for the train to come


  1. ice cream and chipsssss hmmmmmm <3


  2. Awesome, I love mid-week day's off. So much more fun than the actual weekend!

  3. yumm the food looks delicious!


  4. nothing like the heat in this city, i've been struggling with it myself. but a beach getaway, and a train to get there--you're surely on to something. that food looks delicious.

  5. never had vegan ice cream. looks yummy.

  6. Yum, that ice cream looks awesome!