Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitty Diabetes

So back at the beginning of the year, my little dude was diagnosed with Kitty Diabetes. It was scary at the time, as he's my baby and has been with me for ten years (4th of July baby!) Over the last few months I have made some pretty drastic changes to his diet and started giving him shots of insulin 2x a day. I am VERY happy to report that he has been in the "normal" blood sugar range for the last few weeks and hopefully I can help put him into remission soon and wean him off the insulin completely. To give you a sense of how high his blood glucose levels were when this all started, they were in the 500-600 range, which is INSANELY high. Now we are in the 70-100 range, which is drastically better. I switched him to a grain-free wet food (Wellness Core, if you were curious), and I think that has really helped him a lot. Hopefully, in the future, his diabetes can be managed by diet alone, rather than insulin shots. Unlike humans or dogs, cats can actually go into remission with diabetes sometimes (but not all the time), so I'm realllly hoping that will be our situation. He loves the wet food, has lost some weight, and doesn't really mind the shots (or notice them really.) It's amazing how much his coat has improved over the last month or two, shinier and less dandruff and so soft. Happy kitties make me happy! 

Look, he even started doing yoga:


  1. My kitty is now 3 and I have been feeding her grain-free food since the beginning and wow what a difference it is!! She has the most beautiful glossy fur that is soft like a bunny! I will never again feed a cat cheap food.

  2. Glad to hear Miles is doing OK now, he looks great in his yoga poses! My kitty Yoyo is also a 4th July baby!