Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A whole lot to say/see

The month of april! It's the best really; Aries unite! It's funny making these calendars and marking the holidays and whatnot; It makes me feel prepared or ahead of the game or something. For instance, Easter is in March this year and not April! Now I'm an athiest and don't put much behind holidays other than a)spending time with the family b)good food is made and eaten and c)days off from work! As a child and teenager, Easter and Good Friday were always on the top of my holiday list, since that means that I usually got my birthday off from school during the spring break. Anyways, April looks lonely this year, with only my birthday marked (ha!). I guess that means that you need to pay extra-special attention to it. Hugs and pokes are welcome. See?? I'm getting way ahead of myself, imagining that it is the lovely month of April and not still cold, freezing, dark January.

Speaking of dark, I (nik) just changed the light bulbs in my studio to those energy-saving DAYLIGHT bulbs. They rule! It's a white room now! I'm already energized from it. Maybe the Goldfrapp on repeat is helping with that energizing also. But seriously, it's amazing!

Anyways, here is the month of April for Download (plus all the other months, in case you're lazy. you bum). Again, they are meant to be printed, in color, on 11x17 paper. :



Here is a glimpse at a new series of mine, watercolor and ink painted on raw wood. I wish I had access to a woodshop, to cut my own wood up, but alas, this is NYC. This series is a cousin to my watercolor on fabric series that I started a long time ago and kinda abandoned, but am picking back up again. I don't have any scans of that up, because they are huuuuuuge (and taking up way too much space), but maybe i'll take a photo someday.

This was fun to do, because I don't get to paint as much as I'd like to anymore (not enough hours in the day? I'm full of excuses.) Plus, anyone can tell, from looking at my work, that I like to play with rough texture and raw wood was an awesome new bleeding experience (i wish it bled more). More to come, you know, when I get to it.


I'm a chatty cathy tonight, aren't I? Other things that I'm working on/formulating in my head are:
1)sculpey beads/bracelets/necklaces
2)bleach + black dye + fabric + sewing machine=a whole new world (skirts and my bag)
3)that green scarf
4)screenprinting class in LIC so I can get to the bottom of why I can't expose a screen properly.
5)thinking about other crafty ideas for Renegade in the summer.
6)I do have an Etsy shop, with nothing up in it yet of course, but I have to sort out my inventory. I'm anal about the order I do things. Sorry.
7)Kimya Dawson and Karl Blau are playing at Europa tomorrow night!
8)Getting to the fabric store for my painting series
9)making a scary/cute monster cover for my ipod. Priorities people, priorities.
10)Dr. Sketchy's anti-art school rules so so so much. Here are examples of how awesome it is (plus an appearance by me in a few). This coming week is the Addams Family and I canNOT wait! Check out their blog for more fun pictures and info to see schedule.

Okay, that was 10, i'm done now. Ciao!

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