Saturday, May 16, 2009

Best package and MYSTERY!

I got the best package in the mail, the other day. Two actually. I finally managed to get my new J-41's from UPS' clutches, and my Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe order came, with my new copy of Vegan Brunch, two packages of white chocolate chips, and the vegan marshmallow kit! Yessssss! I see lots of delicious brunch for dinner and actual brunch, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, s'mores, rocky road ice cream, rice crispy treats, and who knows what else! (any other ideas, pass them along!) New Shoes are pretty sweet too. They were only $20! Amazing sale online last week where they were like crazy marked down (originally $80 or so!)

Mystery! I got these in my CSA today, and it isn't in the list they send out via email beforehand. Does anyone know what it is? It looks like some sort of edible flower, but I have zero experience with that. Do I eat the stems? Raw, saute? Help!


  1. totally jealous of your Vegan Brunch Cook Book. Must get one for myself and let me know how it goes with the edible flower!

  2. Yay for white choc chips and the marshmallow kit, I have had a pack in my pantry for agggges and still have not made them!

  3. I heard Meskowitz (sp?) talk about her vegan brunch book here in PDX. Looks good.

    I think the photo of your CSA item are broccoli blossoms. They're one of many edible flowers. I just read about them, but I can't remember how you're supposed to eat them...I think saute? I think they taste like subtle broccoli.

    Glad I stumbled onto your blog! I used your Live Pizza photo on one of my blogs: I hope that's okay. I gave you credit at the end of the post.