Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sketches vs. Final Painting

So, I have been sitting on these sketches and paintings for quite some time now. This has been my low-level, no pressure project that has been put on the back-burner, but has kinda peeked it's way to the front because I reallyreally wanna work on it. I am kinda attached to these sketches, and that can be a problem for me sometimes, as the final doesn't always outshine the sketch. I thought I'd show you all four sketches, even though I have only painted two of them so far. This one is my favorite of them all, and is quite large (for me).

Spring Siren
Watercolor, gouache on gessoed pine board

Sketch is with pen and acrylic

Now this one is the one I don't think lives up to the sketch. Maybe it's just more striking black and white, not sure. I just like the sketch waay better. Her eyes are funny or something in the painting.

Diamonds in her Hair
watercolor, gouache on gessoed pine board

Sketch is pen and acrylic

These are the other two in the series. Unsure when they will come into technicolor reality, but in my pile nonetheless.

I would like to say that I would just do something digitally with the sketches, but sadly I can never muster up the energy to work digitally at home anymore. I think it is because I do it for 8+ hours a day at my day job, and it's the last thing that I want to do when I get home. Funny how I used to think my personal work was heading more in the digital direction, but not so much since working the last five years at my job. How have events/jobs in your life altered how you work in a way you didn't expect?

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  1. They are all lovely but the first one is my favourite too.
    Now that I work on a computer I know longer spend half as much time as I did before relaxing on the computer.
    Computer used to mean fun for me and now I associate it with work. Not a bad thing really 'cos now I find other things to relax with - like gardening and cooking.