Monday, May 4, 2009

Mega Miniature Post!

So these are those mini paintings I've been yapping about, that have taken me forever to get photos of. I'm super-excited about them! They're LITTLE. Like 4cmx5cm little! I'm going to be selling them at Renegade in June and on Etsy. Speaking of, I mega-cut notecards and mini-prints and recipe cards this past weekend. My right bicep actually feels a little tender today from using the cutter all weekend! I'm trying to be a good little crafter and get the things I hate doing out of the way first. Like cutting paper. Save the fun painting for later! Plus I'm going to visit the family memorial day weekend, so I don't wanna be stuck doing things last minute, when I get back. Excited to spend a weekend in the country! My allergies always act up, even though I grew up in it. So weird! I move to the city and develop allergies.


  1. Those are so cute! Love the bread with jam! Same thing happened to my husband btw - moved to the city and allergies go nuts!

  2. adorable!! I like the LOUD quiet kitties best!