Sunday, May 17, 2009

Broccoli Flowers, White Choc. Chips, and Frittata!

My first recipe from Vegan Brunch! I made the frittata, except with spinach and those mystery flowers from my last post (which turned out to be Broccoli Flowers!) This was soooo good. I also acquired some black salt recently, so I added some of that in. So freaky how eggy it was.

Had a severe cookie craving mid-afternoon today, so I put some of those white chocolate chips I got last week to work in some cookies. I used Isa's choc. chip cookie recipe. Mmmmm.

Dinner tonight was some grilled portobellos on a yummy salad, with balsamic dressing. Those broccoli flowers are pretty good raw too! Edible flowers have always kinda weirded me out, but these were very un-flower-like in taste. Or I guess, how I imagine flowers taste.

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  1. That frittata looks amazing!! And the broccoli flowers sound interesting.