Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vegan Brunch yummies!

It's been a busy week, but I still managed to find some time to cook stuff from Vegan Brunch. Hooray! I was eyeing the english muffins, so I attempted those, except subbing in mostly whole wheat flour. Has anyone done this before and were able to achieve the nook 'n cranny effect? Or is that just only with white flour. Still SUPER yum, but I will try it the real way for optimal nook and cranny action. And awww, heart shaped muffins; aren't I the corniest? I had these with some earth balance melted on and tofu scramble.

English muffin burgers the next day! I made Jessy's Brown Rice Burgers, which were deeeelish.

I went home to visit the family over Memorial Day weekend, so I made up a few batches of cookies to take along. Isa's PB Pillows and some white chocolate macadamia cookies (I KNOW!) Both were uber-appreciated and gobbled up. Especially the white choc. macadamia cookies, wooo baby!

While I was home, I made some BBQ tempeh to go along with my mom's German Potato Salad (with added green beans!), and watermelon! Ohhh melon, you have my heart. Summertime, my friends, summertime!

Tonight I made the Tofu Omelette from Vegan Brunch, with steamed asparagus, spinach, spring garlic, and a cheezy sauce. I'm all about the brunch for dinner. Nik's reaction was rather funny when I added the black salt into the blender; Not a fan of the smell. Haha. So potent, even in just a teaspoon!

I'm a busy bee working on stuff for Renegade and that will continue on until next weekend when the big shebang takes place! Woooweee! Okay, off to paint some more faces on raindrops for my banner.


  1. Mmmm it all looks fab. I made Jessy's Rice Burgers the other day too - they're super yummy ain't they. I'm loving the heart shaped Muffins but I'm sighing that this is yet another book that I need to add to my list.

  2. Mmmm Delish. Oh and tag your it for a little Q&A. You can find your tag HERE. Can't wait to read yours!

  3. I made the english muffins too, and subbed whole wheat flour, and I didn't get an nooks and crannies either - they were amazingly delicious though.

  4. Your food makes me drool!
    I hope we are able to meet sometime and eat.
    John told me about a craft event in Brooklyn this coming weekend? Could you give me details?