Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Salad, salad, salad, BLONDIES

I feel like I only eat three things in the summertime: salad, fruit, and ice cream. At least I manage to cover almost all my food groups with this diet, but yeah, it's all about the simple things in the summertime. I get so many greens in my CSA that I have to get a little creative with my salads, or it will quickly get old. Here are three salads from this week.

Marinated (one lemon + shoyu + garlic scapes + pepper + thyme) and grilled tofu topping a pretty awesome salad that is plentiful with the fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds and arugula. Used the marinade as a dressing. Strawberries on a salad is THE BEST. Strawberries paired with cashews is even better! I really like how the fruit mixes with the dressing and gives it some sweetness.

extreeeeeeeme closeup! *cue Wayne's World tune*

Tonight was a taco salad-like concoction. Black beans as my protein paired with some guac and veggies and spinach and some veganaise mixed with some fire-roasted salsa and some cayenne pepper for a kick. Yoww! My fave dressing is usually a creamy one, and salsa is great mixed with the veganaise.

Steamed and then sauteed tempeh (in a simply olive oil/salt/pepper) was quite lovely topping this salad! My staple olive oil + apple cider vinegar + sea salt + thyme +pepper dressing and some strawberries to sweeten it up!

I had a sweet attack the other night and also needed to use up some strawberries that were too ripe YESTERDAY, so I made some blondies! I used the VWAV recipe, but used applesauce instead of yogurt and made a strawberry compote to replace the raspberry preserves. DELISH. I put them in the fridge, since my baked goods always start to go bad too soon if I leave them out on the counter in this humidity, but they were realllllly good today all cold and firm. My sweet tooth loves me today.


  1. Um Yum. I'm a big salad eater in the summer too. Pecans & Walnuts are to die for on a salad. However lately I've been into quinoa salads. Quinoa is very high in protein and one cup of it has more calcium then a quart of nasty milk (not the either of us drink milk, lol). Your pictures are lovely as usual. Cheers!

  2. Yum, pretty much all I eat in summer are salads, fruit and ice cream too. Those blondies do look pretty amazing and they're on my list of VWAV recipes I still haven't gotten around to trying!

  3. Ooh I love creamy salad dressings, they are the best! Those blondies look amazing though, I'm such a sucker for desserts with fruit AND chocolate, not just one or the other.