Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yummy weekend

Happy long weekend! My lil sis arrived latelate friday night (stupid bus) and we have been walking all over the city this weekend. We enjoyed the car-less streets on Bedford ave. in Williamsburg yesterday afternoon and sat in the park to people-watch for awhile too. We went to dinner at Soy and Sake (my fave all-veggie sushi place) later in the evening and headed west in Manhattan to try and catch the Macy's firework display. We ended up with a pretty clear viewing spot, despite getting there kinda last minute and there being millions of people. It took forever to get out of there, after the fireworks, but it was a nice night out. Here's a pic of my sis and I (I'm on the left). Isn't she the cutest?? Dimples! :)

French Toast!! I used the recipe out of Vegan with a Vengeance, but put a coating of sugar/cinnamon on the outside because french toast without it is just not right! Soooo delicious.

Nik, my sister, and I went to Soy and Sake for dinner on the 4th of July and we stuffed ourselves. This was the rock shrimp tempura appetizer, which is my favorite at this restaurant. Mock shrimp with a really light tempura batter and a delicious sauce.

Grilled Bourbon Chicken appetizer with a sweet sauce. I love their fake chicken and it hits the spot everytime.

My entree was the Vegetable sushi platter, which had Kampyo / tofu skin / asparagus / oshinko / avocado & mix vegetable tempura rolls. The tempura rolls are my favorite! This is the 2nd time I have gotten this here. So good!

Ahh Monday. Back to work!


  1. Ooooh everything looks so good especially that Bourbon Chicken!! Happy Fourth to you and your sis - you're both cute!

  2. YUM! Drooling over the sushi and french toast!

    You and your sister are the cutest!

  3. You and your sister are so cute!

    The stuff from the sushi place looks delicious, I wish there was a vegi sushi place near me.

  4. The bourbon chicken looks so real! Wish I could try it.

  5. Killer french toast, it looks perfect!
    Gorgeous shots of the fireworks, too. :)

  6. OMG the mock shrimp looks delish. Mmmm