Sunday, June 15, 2008

100 posts!

Hello! This is my 100th blog post and I have felt like it had to be an extraordinary post, thus is why I haven't posted in a couple days. Silly, I know, but I felt like i had to "celebrate" it or something. I was always one of those little girls that tried real hard to keep a diary, but always forgot about it after five entries. So for me to reach 100 entries as a grown-up michelle, is quite exciting.

Also, my craft fair was on saturday and I now have absolute free time to do anything I want! Such relief! I slept in real, real late today, made a yummy brunch, and then sauntered around Renegade Craft Fair (I can't get away from crafts, right???). I spent the rest of the night updating my Etsy shop with new and exciting things (and still more to come in the next few days!).

here are the fun new recipe boxes added to my shop:

and the new planters! The first picture cracks me right up. so, so sad!

Some doodles I did during downtime at the craft fair:

I love senor cinnabun. He WILL eat your pants!

I picked up my first CSA of the season this past saturday and it was pretty exciting. So much lettuce and strawberries! I received: 2 heads of green and red lettuce, one bag of mixed greens, one bag of arugula, 2 leeks, 5 garlic scapes (!!) 18 Asparagus, 2 stalks of Rhubarb, and 2 QUARTS of strawberries!! There will be many variations of salads this week. The strawberries were most definitely the best part; I made an amazing and simple strawberry sauce to go over this morning's pancakes. Nik and I both devoured them. CHOMP. Now I must decide what to do with the rest of them or, you know, just eat them all raw. Pretty easy to do...

oof, sleep-time. i seriously just spent 4 hours editing pictures and updating my shop and making this blog entry. I can't believe it's monday already!

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