Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm alive!

I am, I swear. I went away for a lovely weekend in PA with Nik, and I played a lot of "catch-up" tonight as a result. Cut a whole slew of recipe cards up and did some laundry, dishes, etc. Tomorrow will be a long, long work day, followed by seeing The Breeders in the evening! Excited, but kinda wish it was next week when I'm not so busy. I bought my ticket a long time ago though, so it's a must-go situation.

I think that I might have discovered my new favorite soy ice cream! soy delicious came out with a new flavor, snickerdoodle! Quite possibly my favorite kind of cookie ever, so you can imagine my excitement that it now exists in ice cream form.

I'll stop being MIA and post more already. Doodles ahoy.

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