Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Endless berries and other yummers

Kittee's strawberry pie!! SOOOOO good and really easy to make. I added some Rhubarb in with the strawberry jam part. mmm.

My mom made a blueberry bunny pie! She knows the way to my heart: blueberries, bunnies, and hearts. <3 <3 <3 She even gave me the bunny cookie cutter she used, after seeing how much I flipped out over how cute it was! score!

Strawberry buns!! I made the roll part using this recipe, but just used some mushed strawberries (and rhubarb!) with a bit of sugar, as the filling. And, I don't have a spice grinder, so my flax seeds never get ground and they look like bugs. But they're super-yummy, i swear!

Strawberry salad:

Taco Salad! Can you tell I have had a lot of lettuce in my CSA?? Salads galore. I loosely based it off of this recipe (just for the Catalina Dressing idea. Layers go like this: bed of lettuce, pea shoots (!), carrots, and radish, topped with crunched up blue corn chips, topped with homemade catalina dressing, topped with TVP, black beans, lots of spices, topped with GUAC and a chip.

Family BBQ!

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