Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hearts and cheesecake

Nik and I had a fab day yesterday. We went to the Museum of Natural History to play with the dinos, and then did some shopping for some things we needed around the apartment later on. Also, I bought a Wii Fit! So much fun! I decided to quit the gym and buy a Wii Fit and some running shoes ( I still need a good pair of these...anyone have a good vegan pair that they would recommend?). It will pay for itself after a few months, with what I would have spent on my monthly gym membership, and I think that I will be more apt to use it. I have a hard time going to the gym after work and during the summer, so this will be good for me to do later at night, when I feel more active anyways, but don't feel like leaving my apartment. I spent all morning playing with it and I'm feeling pretty good right now.

We were pretty wiped out by the time we got home last night, walking around all day. I had prepped everything for dinner beforehand, so we just had to roll out some pizza dough and put some toppings on and stick it in the oven. Isa Pizza it was! I love this pizza so much (from Vegan with a Vengeance). I also made a totally kick-ass cheesecake the night before, so that it would have time to set overnight. It was the Chocolate Marbled Cheesecake from the Delicious Choices PDF cookbook (I had found a download of it a long time ago and printed it out...i'm not sure where you can find it now, but google probably can. I found it from some link on the PPK, so if you search there, you can find it). I put in some red food coloring, so I had some pretty awesome hot pink and chocolate swirls. It turned out really creamy and yummy.

Also, thank you for the nice comments and encouragement with my new paintings! I'm feeling good about them and listed in them my shop early today. Woo! Now onto my next series...


  1. Pretty pink cheesecake!

    And I bought Earth Shoes here in Australia that are from the USA. I find them really comfy and I no longer need to wear my orthotics. Mine were the Rocket ones, have a look at & search vegan

  2. we had pizza on valentine's day too! yours looks delicious. and that cheesecake! my goodness, girl, that looks amazing. good luck on your wii fit. we have one, which i loved and used a lot when we first got it, and now i don't really anymore at all. the games are still fun, maybe i just lack motivation?

  3. your pizza looks beautiful! I have a wii fit too, it is a lot of fun, I hope you like it. You might want to check out Active life Outdoor Adventure too, I think it is a little bit more of a workout than the wii fit and it is really fun

  4. What a super-sweet Valentines day! Isa pizza is the best!

    And I like that fitness plan- sometimes you work better without all the people around. At least, I do.

  5. hey, liz here - I nominate your blog for the Kreative Blogger award! Check out for all the silly details (there's a survey of lovvvve)