Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've been in a bit of a funk lately; Hoping it will pass soon and that everything will be okay.

Last night, Nik and I used up a gift certificate he had, at Asia De Cuba. So fun! Even though there were only 3 things on the menu that were vegan (2 appetizers and 1 side...), it was DAMN amazing. I was counting on this one entree being vegan, when I looked at the menu beforehand, but turns out they put egg in it somehow and they wouldn't make it without. This place is a sharing-type restaurant, so everything is super-pricey and HUUUUUGE portions (yaaay gift certificates). The appetizer salad I had might be the most amazing salad I have ever eaten though. It had cashews, hearts of palm, chicory, apples, mangos, and BANANAS with some sort of yummy lime dressing. Yes, bananas + cashews + lime dressing in my salad is beyond taste explosions.

We were going to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons" afterwards, but we were stuck in a tunnel on the 6 train for 45 minutes instead and missed the movie.


  1. Bananas in a salad? Nuts! That restaurant sounds awesome. Too bad you guys missed the movie! (I heard it sucks anyways. :P)

    The mac and cheese looks so good...

    And I feel ya on the bad mood. I think this whole winter thing stretching before me is bringing me down. But food can be as good as sunshine sometimes!

  2. i lov waffles! Youd be surprised how many people double take when I tell them pancakes and waffles (and lots of other goodies) can be made vegan.

    The drawing looks amazing btw!

  3. That Salad does sound good - what a great combination!
    It has been duly noted.
    That Waffle looks so perfect.

  4. from the pictures it looks like you had a nice sunday... and hooray for an awesome meal out! too bad you missed benjamin button - i thought it was pretty darned good. long, but good.

  5. wooow wafles :-)
    a long time ago, I was vegan for 2 years and I know sometimes I would kill for a rich creamy chocolate cake :-) that is probably why my will broke along the way :-( now after two years of crap diet, I am re-living my vegan journey again with my 21-day vegan challenge, as from what I was told, it takes three weeks to change one´s habits....

    I ll be back for more inspiration :-)